What I’m Reading: 04/14/2016

  1. “Archaeologists set to uncover two hidden baths at the Roman Baths” (via the Bath Echo) – The Roman Baths historic site in the United Kingdom will dig up two Roman baths that have not been fully excavated before. This will be done in
  2. “Lost plans for Wright brothers’ ‘Flying Machine’ found after 36 years” (via The Washington Post) – A patent for the first Wright brothers’ airplane was found in a cave of all places. It is possible this document has not been seen since the 1980s.
  3. “The Voluminous Shell Heaps Hidden in Plain Sight All Over NYC” (via Atlas Obscura) – Oyster midden heaps have fascinated people for thousands of years. Found wherever oysters were harvested (and eaten), their empty shells have been a source of building materials, fertilizer, chicken feed, and entertainment for ages. Although there aren’t many left today, archaeologists still excavate and appreciate these “garbage piles”.
  4. “10 Things You May Not Know About the Lincoln Assassination” (via the History Channel) – On this day in history, American president Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Here are some facts you may not know about this tragic event.
  5. “Neanderthals May have been Infected by Diseases carried out of Africa by Humans, say Researchers” (via the University of Cambridge) – “Review of latest genetic evidence suggests infectious diseases are tens of thousands of years older than previously thought, and that they could jump between species of ‘hominin’. Researchers says that humans migrating out of Africa would have been ‘reservoirs of tropical disease’ – disease that may have sped up Neanderthal extinction.”

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