What I’m Reading: 04/15/2016

  1. “New Rembrandt Created, 347 Years After the Dutch Master’s Death” (via the Smithsonian) – Over the course of 18 months, a team of engineers carefully pieced together a 148 million megapixel work of art from 168,000 fragments of Rembrandt’s works. The team chose to create a portrait based on 3D scans and a height map that mimicked his brush strokes. The work was unveiled in the Netherlands and will soon be on public display.
  2. “The Couple Who Sat With Lincoln on the Night of His Assassination” (via Mental Floss) – Lincoln was assassinated over 150 years ago. What many people don’t know is that Lincoln was not the only one who was attacked by John Wilkes Booth. The assassin also knifed Major Henry Rathbone, who attended the play at Ford’s Theatre with his wife instead of Ulysses S. Grant who declined to attend. What happens next is tragic.
  3. “Titanic Today: A Transatlantic Tour” (via The History Channel) – The Titanic sank on this day in 1912. Here are five places that are associated with one of the greatest maritime tragedies in history.
  4. “Leonardo Da Vinci’s Living Relatives Found”  (via LiveScience) – Direct descendants of Leonardo da Vinci’s father Piero were recently discovered. Although the artist was not known to have left descendants, archival research indicates that the family line did not go extinct. The results were released at a conference.
  5. “Ancient Peruvian Mystery Solved From Space” (via Discovery News) – The Nazca Lines in Peru are one of the greatest South American archaeological mysteries. These lines crisscross the Peruvian desert in geometric and natural shapes. Using satellite imagery, Rosa Lasaponara and a team from the Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis in Italy have concluded that the lines may pertain to the presence of water in certain locations.

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