Daily History Byte: Archivist: The Many-Faced Professional

I recently began a position as a digital learning specialist at a public accounting firm, and I will be doing a variety of things. In a slight slant of this article, my position will see me wearing many hats: archivist/records manager/digital assets manager, instructional designer, instructional technologist, support, all sorts of things. It’s really interesting to me how varied the library (and by extent archives) field really is.

Like so many others, I have been binge watching Game of Thrones recently, so I acknowledge that part of the inspiration forĀ this post came from theĀ concept of the Many-Faced God. I don’t presume to understand all of its subtext, but the idea of being whoever (or whatever) you need to be for a given situation, resonated with me.

Source: Archivist: The Many-Faced Professional | Things I’m Fonds Of

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