History in the News: September 22, 2014

1. The British Museum is going to be recreated on Minecraft, according to BBC News. The article says that the first part of the Museum to be constructed would be the Great Court. It will definitely be a site to see when all is said and done!

2. A massive tomb was recently discovered near Amphipolis, Greece, and some speculate on whether it could be of a relative of Alexander the Great. Locals even argue that the tomb could be of Alexander himself. But historians believe that Alexander was buried in Egypt so it is improbable that the great conqueror of old is in the tomb.

3. The Guggenheim museum in New York City has put 109 modern art books online for academic use.

4. On this day in history, King George III of England was crowned in London in 1761. He was also the bloke who lost the American colonies during the American War of Independence in 1776.

5. What did the Egyptians eat? History Extra, the website of the BBC history magazine, launched a new series called “History Extra explains” which answers questions in short and to-the-point articles.

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