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It has been a while since I have posted any updates about really anything, but I have some exciting news to share! Last November, I submitted an article draft to the Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science. I did so on the encouragement of one of my library science professors (long story short, in addition to my history degree, I am also now pursuing an MLIS degree at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), and I am extremely happy to say that it was accepted! The journal should be in print later this fall, and one can gain access to it through Project Muse.

The article is called “Participation, Collaboration, and Community Building in Digital Repositories”. The abstract is thus:

This article explores the world of digital repositories and how the advent of Web 2.0 has encouraged the rise of participation, collaboration, and community building. The three types of digital repositories that are described include digital history projects, community archives, and digital collections. The author defines each term, provides examples, and explains how the difference of provenance between each repository ultimately leads to more collaboration in the digital world. Various examples demonstrate just how prevalent participation, collaboration, and community building has become in the archives field. The overall shift toward communal experiences in digital repositories can be seen not just inside the archives and library fields but also outside of these fields. This opens the door to further research into these trends.

Please let me know if you do read it and have any questions or comments!


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