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HistTech: Trajan’s Column Interactive Graphic

National Geographic recently wrote an article about Trajan’s column and its history. They also included an interactive graphic which allows readers to explore the 126-ft tall column. And I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty neat. Trajan’s column commemorates the Roman emperor’s victory over the Dacians between 101 and 106 AD. Since then, the column,

HistTech: Jurassic Coast Fossil Finder

One of the new features I would like to slowly roll-out is one called “HistTech”. This is simply my way of highlighting some digital history projects, exhibits, and other resources which bring together historical content and technology. I have chosen these sites because they allow users to engage with the site materials beyond simply viewing,


One of things I am interested in is technology and how it can be used in conjunction with history. Over the next few weeks, I will be rolling out a new feature called HistTech. I will be featuring some of my favorite tools and how I use them in promoting this blog and in my

Final Paper, Final Thoughts

I’ve reached the end of the spring semester of my first year of graduate school. And what a trip! Over the past couple of months, I have been formulating thoughts on my final paper for digital history. Which issue in digital history interested me enough to devote a final essay? Interestingly (or, perhaps, not interestingly),

When Twitter+History=Awesome: #AskHenryVIII

I have been on Twitter (@a_williams06 and @MyLifeIsHistory) for over four years now, and I find it awesome. I use my personal account to keep tabs on friends, institutions, favorite artists and celebrities, causes I care about, etc. My “professional” account (the one I use for this blog) is used for following Twitter accounts that

Editing Wikipedia: Not as Easy as One May Think

As a spring break assignment in my digital history class, I was tasked with editing a Wikipedia entry and tracking, if any, changes that others made to my edits. What I discovered was that it was probably harder for me to determine what to change than for anyone to edit it.


#Hashtags. We all know about those. Those obnoxious tic-tac-toe (or, rather, pound) symbols that us 90s kids remember as being the symbol for number. Heck, I still use it in place of the word “number”! So, what is it with the recent increase in using hashtags? According to Gigaom, now Google employee Chris Messina “invented”