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Daily History Byte: Norman women: the power behind the thrones

This article touches on four important Norman women: Gunnor, Emma of Normandy, Matilda of Flanders, and Sichelgata. History isn’t just about men but also about the women behind, beside, and in front of them. History tends to focus on kings, warriors and bishops – but a number of 11th-century women were hugely influential in war,

Daily History Byte: The big debate: Was Edward II really murdered?

There are many mysteries in English history. One of them concerns the death of King Edward II. Most claim he died in 1327 (either by starvation or having a red-hot rod shoved in a most inconvenient location), and there are others who believe Edward survived well into the 1330s. In 2005, the bestselling historian Ian Mortimer

Reflections on Richard III

I have followed the progress of Richard III over the past two-and-a-half years with great interest ever since archaeologists discovered the body in September 2012 amidst the ruins of Greyfriars Church in Leicester, UK. Last week. after heated debates surrounding his reburial, he was reinterred at Leicester Cathedral with ceremony due a deceased monarch (those

Some Scratchy Issues Concerning the Black Death

“Ring around the roseys Pocket full of posies Ashes, ashes We all fall down.” This endearing childhood nursery masks a darker reality that most young children would cringe at if they discovered the origin of this rhyme as a ditty about the Black Death. Most people know two things about the Black Death.