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Daily History Byte: Meet the Woman Who Is Preserving the Smell of History

Cecilia Bembibre of University College London is cataloging the scents of old stuff. According to Atlas Obscura, her project “combines chemistry, electronic noses, and centuries-old English manor houses”. Her hope is to create formulas one would be able to follow to reconstruct these scents years down the road. One scientist’s quest to capture old scents.

Daily History Byte: Researcher Unearths a Trove of New Shakespeare Documents

William Shakespeare remains one of the most enigmatic playwrights in history. A recently-discovered trove of documents indicates that Shakespeare sought to better himself as many of his contemporaries did. Archival papers show the Bard was interested in improving his social status. Source: Researcher Unearths a Trove of New Shakespeare Documents | Smart News | Smithsonian

Daily History Byte: Archivist: The Many-Faced Professional

I recently began a position as a digital learning specialist at a public accounting firm, and I will be doing a variety of things. In a slight slant of this article, my position will see me wearing many hats: archivist/records manager/digital assets manager, instructional designer, instructional technologist, support, all sorts of things. It’s really interesting