From Big Dreams to Bag Pipes: What Four Years of My Carroll Experience Taught Me (Or, What I Wish I Could Tell Incoming Freshmen)


No, I’m not here to trace my Carroll career one painful detail at a time. That’d be boring. Besides, I already posted my musing post last week in the midst of commencement hullaballoo. But it’s a few hours before the walk across the stage, and I’m feeling reflective…yet again. But this is what I’vereally learned in these hallowed halls over the last four years.

1. Get off your ass and do something productive (i.e. participate in extracurriculars, volunteer, run for Senate, get another job). Life will pass you by before you know it.

2. Don’t take the small moments for granted. They will be the singular moments you remember (such as movie nights, fro yo nights, playing cards all night nights…)

3. Don’t stress over money. Things have a way of working out.

4. Relationships are important. Not just romantic ones. But also your academic and professional relationships.

5. Get to know your professors. They can be more than your mentors and the dude lecturing at the front of class. They are invaluable resources.

6. You can’t really fit six people onto a couch meant only for two.

7. When you can’t afford to eat something beyond Ramen noodles, the MDR really is considered gourmet (for as much as we complain).

8. Screw the adage “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.” Throw those damn enemies out the window and hug your friends tightly. Social drama is unnecessary.

9. Stick to your guns. Don’t let someone EVER dissuade you from your goals, your dreams, whether it be to find the love of your life or become a law professor at Harvard…

10. Sleep is overrated. Get used to procrastinating and coffee, lots and lots of life-giving coffee.

And once again, congrats to the Carroll University graduating class of 2012!

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