Here is Your Awww Moment for the Day


Normally I post about different musings, but today I thought I would do something different. This ball of fluff is my cat Lily. Two months ago, she was walking down the road, a stray, in Middleton, Wisconsin. Three weeks later, she was at home with me.

She is special for a couple of reasons. One, a week after I adopted her from the Dane County Humane Society here in Madison, she underwent some serious surgery. Lily had a partially degloved tail which needed further amputation. It was a complete success, and she is fully healed. She sports a third-of-a-normal length tail right now which wags like a dogs when she is happy.

Lily also has had a few other minor complications which has resulted in a few more vet trips. But, coming from the streets to my couch, curled up in my lap, she has come a long way.

The other reason she is special is because she is the first pet I have adopted on my own. I moved to Madison in February for my job at UW Colleges. It was a tough move for me, mostly since I left Waukesha (where I went to school and lived year-round for five years). It was and is an entirely new experience for me. I was lonely for the first week until I adopted Lily. She has been through a lot in life like I have (which I won’t elaborate on here), and in some strange way, I feel a kinship with this ball of fluff. And honestly, who can resist those eyes?

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