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One of things I am interested in is technology and how it can be used in conjunction with history. Over the next few weeks, I will be rolling out a new feature called HistTech. I will be featuring some of my favorite tools and how I use them in promoting this blog and in my own personal research. I will be also be reviewing digital history websites and projects based on a project I completed in a digital history class I took in graduate school this past spring.

The first tool I would to talk about is Paper.li. I first learned about this tool when I attended Nell Eckersley‘s session on creating mobile content at the Distance Teaching and Learning Conference in Madison, WI this past week. The conference brings together distance education faculty and staff for a three-day conference on the latest educational trends and other overviews and deep-dives into the field.

Eckersley’s session focused on a variety of tools that instructors may use to create mobile content for their students. Paper.li is a tool that allows you to create your own online newspapers based on topics of your choosing. You can pull in content from Twitter (especially hashtags) accounts, RSS feeds, and other places around the internet which updates every 24 hours. The tool is free though you can upgrade for more features. My primary use of the tool will be to grab articles to post to Facebook and Twitter and keep up with the topics I am interested in.

The user interface is fairly easy, but you do have to dig into each newspaper you create to set sharing options and other things specific to that newspaper, something I found a bit annoying since I want all of my content to go to the same place. That being said, I look forward to using this to hopefully engage more people!

So far, I would highly recommend this tool. If you do choose to use this tool, however, you have to register using Facebook or Twitter.

Here are links to some of the newspapers I have created:

Archaeology News: https://paper.li/MyLifeIsHistory/1408044001
Richard III News: https://paper.li/MyLifeIsHistory/1408073246#
Medieval History News: https://paper.li/MyLifeIsHistory/1408074753
Digital History: https://paper.li/MyLifeIsHistory/1408074985

Take a look, and let me know if you create any fun newspapers!

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