London, Ahoy!

As the summer drags on, I find myself getting antsy. Step by step, I am preparing for study in England. Recently  I booked a ticket via, a good site for finding flights, hotels, attractions, and that offers other services. I can’t lie, I found cheaper flights here than at any other travel site (incl. Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and other ones). One step down. Next on the to-do list? Obtain a visa, choose housing, and figure out exactly where I want to go.

On the agenda (outside of England) is Madrid and Rome. I have the urge to submerge myself in a Spanish-speaking country as well as visiting the famed Museo del Prado in Madrid. In Rome, I would like to revisit some of my favorite haunts, including Trastevere and the Vatican. And, if I get nowhere else, I shan’t be depressed. =)

Life hasn’t been too bad lately. I recently began a new job in the Office of International Education for a few hours per week. It definitely breaks up the monotony of the day, not that I dislike my current job in the CU archives! Part of me very much has that itch to travel right now. I want to hop on that plane, let it drop me in the midst of London,  and explore an entirely new environment. But, shall have to content myself with researching different places to go instead. Possible avenues to explore? Tower of London, Cliffs of Dover, Windsor Palace, and part of me would like to see where the Battle of Bosworth took place in 1485, the battle that brought the Tudors to power. (And there is my Tudor anecdote for  the day…!)

Some buildings at Lancaster University

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