Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit Museum in the Works?

If you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings films, you might be glad to know that a museum dedicated to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit is a distinct possibility in Wellington, New Zealand. According to Stuff.co.nz, a deal may have been reached where a museum will be opened in the island nation’s capital. Wellington city councillor John Morrison confirmed that such a museum is a distinct possibility, and Sir Peter’s Jackson’s team is undertaking investigations of possible sites. No concrete plans have been made, but the talks appear more positive than negative. Of course, discussions about a museum have been circulating since 2001, but things might be considered a little more seriously now.

Such a museum would be a huge boost to the economy, especially since a recent poll showed that 8.5% of visitors to Wellington cited The Hobbit as a reason for their visit.

This exciting news comes on the tail of a Lord of the Rings exhibition which was featured at Te Papa in Wellington from 2002-2003. The exhibit featured Aragorn’s sword Anduril and crown, Arwen’s coronation gown, a Corsair’s boat, and other distinct objects from the films.

Aragorn's Crown; Image courtesy of Te Papa
Aragorn’s Crown; Image courtesy of Te Papa

This is terribly exciting for me, as a keen Tolkien fan. How about you? Would you want to go to New Zealand to see a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit museum and maybe even visit Hobbiton??

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