An Addendum

Somehow, I forgot to add in my last post about (now) yesterday and our “C for Cartmel” bar crawl. Simply put, the point of the day was to dress up in anything that began with a C. The most common of these were cowboys or cowgirls, cats, captains, and, strangely enough, cross dressers. I applaud

Reflections on Freshers Week 2010

What a week. And, you know, I can’t say that this has anything to do with a lack of sleep due to hangovers and partying because, although there have been at least two bar crawls and two themed parties in the past week, I have partaken only in so much. Those who know me well

In The Realm of King Henry VIII…Oh Wait…

With a noticeable lack of a proper power converter, I’m reduced to typing this out quickly before my battery dies. BUT, I have hope that with arrival at Lancaster, I shall purchase another one…the one from my hostel has thus far failed me miserably.

Pre-Flight with Really Bad Coffee in My Hand

Well, the day has come. I am currently sitting at Chicago O’Hare waiting for my 6am flight to Washington D.C. Boarding begins soon, and it’s about time. I’ve been at the airport since 3:30 this morning. But, things have gone smoothly.

London, Ahoy!

As the summer drags on, I find myself getting antsy. Step by step, I am preparing for study in England. Recently  I booked a ticket via, a good site for finding flights, hotels, attractions, and that offers other services. I can’t lie, I found cheaper flights here than at any other travel site (incl.

Men in Tights or Men that Fight?: A Comparison of Robin Hood Films

Last week, a couple of good friends and I went to see the new Robin Hood film starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. Now, being the medieval history buff-geek-nerd-dork-aficionada that I am, I was very much looking forward to this film. Although the movie itself received little positive criticism to commend it, I would highly

My Date With the Giant Orange Moose

It all started with one of those freak roadside attractions businesses place as a ploy to lure in unsuspecting customers like myself. The Director of Collections from the Waukesha County Museum-yep, I’ll use her fancy title-and myself made a five+ hour journey to Minneapolis this past week from Waukesha to pick up some paintings from

Oh My Darling, Oh My Darling, Oh My Daaarling Clementine

Finally. Yes, I chose a topic for my first historical post…and no, it is not about Tudor history at all. I have a strange fascination with gold rushes as well, especially the Yukon (or Klondike) gold rush of the late 1890s. If you played MECC’s 1994 game of The Yukon Trail, you would know exactly