Daily History Byte: The big debate: Was Edward II really murdered?

There are many mysteries in English history. One of them concerns the death of King Edward II. Most claim he died in 1327 (either by starvation or having a red-hot rod shoved in a most inconvenient location), and there are others who believe Edward survived well into the 1330s. In 2005, the bestselling historian Ian Mortimer

Daily History Byte: 10 surprising facts about the Reformation

How much do you know about the Reformation? There might yet be something new you can learn about them. One of the most important events in world history, the 16th-century Reformation tore apart the Christian world, splintering Catholic Europe and creating a new faith: Protestantism. Yet, as Dr Kathleen Chater explains in her new book,

Daily History Byte: Researcher Unearths a Trove of New Shakespeare Documents

William Shakespeare remains one of the most enigmatic playwrights in history. A recently-discovered trove of documents indicates that Shakespeare sought to better himself as many of his contemporaries did. Archival papers show the Bard was interested in improving his social status. Source: Researcher Unearths a Trove of New Shakespeare Documents | Smart News | Smithsonian

Daily History Byte: 9 of the world’s most awesome aqueducts

Aqueducts were created to port water from one place to the other. But that didn’t mean that they also weren’t works of art in their own right. This article highlights nine of them across Europe and Asia. Ancient and beautiful, these stunning aqueducts – from Peru to France to India – have stood the test