The Importance of Being Earnest: Entering the Museum Field, Part One

Yep, it’s another two- or three-entry post, this time about entering the museum field. I’ve been doing research and gathering information about the museum field and education paths since the end of my freshman year in college. One would think it’s a simple matter of getting a master’s degree in history or museum studies and

On the Rail Again, Part Deux: Chicago

As promised, here are some pictures from my excursion to Chicago yesterday. It was a wonderful day, full of walking, walking, walking, walking, did I mention walking? My friend Melanie and I were extremely sore after walking all day, to the point where I almost limped back to the train station.BUT, the entire day was

On the Rail Again

You know, there’s something to be said for public transportation, especially trains. Here I am, on my first American train, bound for Chicago. Almost immediately I’ve lapsed into the giddy feelings that come with traveling someplace new. I’m not traveling to Rome or Lancaster, however, but rather to a near neighbor. As I stepped onto

Before E-Harmony, There Was…Eliza Farnham?!

In doing research on how the scarcity of women impacted the nineteenth century gold rush phenomenon, I found one particularly interesting “nugget” of information. Apparently, someone attempted to create a virtual dating site back in the mid-1800s, or, at least a close equivalent. Eliza Farnham concocted a scheme in the 1850s to provide wives to

Holy is as Holy Does: Elizabeth Barton, the Nun of Kent

One would think that during the religiously and politically chaotic times of the 1530s in England, many people would learn to NOT incite the wrath of a vengeful monarch. But, no, many people tempted Madame Fate by actually disagreeing with their lovingly gentle and just monarch King Henry VIII, especially on the issue of his

Betwixt Some Twenty-Odd Books and Insanity

In the midst of being quite literally surrounded by about a dozen-and-a-half books on the California and Yukon Gold Rushes (how I love capstone…), my friend shared with me a little gem of a video reimagining Mr. Henry VIII if he had a “sassy gay friend”. Take a break from your day and laugh a

Are There Positive Effects of “Globalization”?

Time and again, I hear people complaining about globalization. To quote the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition, globalization is  “the action, process, or fact of making global; esp. (in later use) the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale, widely considered to be at the expense

10 Lessons Learned From My Junior Year

My junior year by far has been the craziest, most stressful, hardest year of my university career. Basically, it was everything I was told it would be. So, what did I learn in the midst of it all? Read below to find out::

The Beginning of the End?

No, I promise, I’m NOT talking about the apocalypse, which some evangelists say is going to occur May 21, 2011. Rather, I’m musing on the fact I have one year left of my undergraduate experience at Carroll. It’s crazy to think that by the fall, I’ll be up to my neck in my senior capstone