Just Your Everyday Arch

Consider this an addendum to the previous post about black and white photography. I found this picture and forgot how much I loved it. This archway shot was taken my last weekend in England when I stayed with my friend Ruth in Kendal (in the illustrious Lakes District). We were walking through Burness on our

Eulalia!: The Legacy of Brian Jacques

On February 5, 2011, the literary world lost one of its greatest young adult authors. Brian Jacques was best known for his Redwall series, a series set against the backdrop of Redwall Abbey. Reminiscent of the medieval English past, the series is a classic example of the good versus evil theme. Rather than good men

MLK Jr.: The Dream Will Never Die

Today (or rather yesterday I suppose) is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. After the hustle and bustle of reuniting with my friends, I took a minute today to reflect on one of the most extraordinary experiences in my life. In January of 2009, I, along with 50+ students and faculty from Carroll and Cardinal Stritch

Of Mancs and Lancs: A Final Reflection of England

Yes, before you, oh inquisitive reader, point out my horrible excuse for a title, remember this: you’re probably not stuck at Heathrow airport right now. And, I have nothing but jelly beans and crisps in my system. I feel for those who have been stuck here for days and who may not make it home

The Art of Maintaining a (British) Friendship

I’ve hit the last stretch of my stay in Lancaster. I have less than three weeks left in England, and I’ve shifting between excitement, anxiety, and sadness. I obviously miss my friends and family back home in the States, and I miss some certain things, including driving, a wide selection of ready-meals, and strangely enough,

What Goes Up: Climbing (REALLY STEEP) Towers in Wales

The picture above, taken during my trip to northern Wales with one of my best friends in October, depicts a view looking up one of the towers at the castle in Conwy. Built by Edward I of England in the 1280s, Conwy Castle was part of a ring of castles around Wales used by Edward

Lancaster to York: When Royal Family Quarrels Turn Personal

I’ve decided to try a different approach to my blog for the remainder of my trip and for future posts. I’m going to be posting pictures, some recent, some not so recent, and tell what was happening then rather than rambling on through long posts about meaningful (and sometimes meaningless) points. This way, I can

Bloody Hell!: 10 Lessons Learned From England

1. Northwestern England has but one season: rain. Every other week may see one day of sunshine, maybe two if you’re lucky. If it’s not raining, it’s cloudy. If it’s not cloudy, it’s windy. If it’s not windy, it’s probably raining. Mostly, however, it is a combination of all three.

Third Time’s A Charm? Except At Lancaster Castle

I’m racking my mind for some interesting occurrences over the past couple of days, and the very first thing that comes to mind is that I still have not been in the castle in Lancaster. I’ve been saying I’m going to it for about a week now, and every time I get remotely close, I