Was Richard III an Archaeological Trendsetter?

Well, not quite. In the post-discovery rush of King Richard III, it seems other archaeological excursions are taking place in Britain.

In Northumberland, work is set to begin on excavating the area around Flodden. The Battle of Flodden, fought in 1513, is considered to be the last medieval battle and one in which a monarch from the UK was slain. Searchers hope to discover the precise location of the battle in addition to learning where English troops outflanked the Scottish ones. Just south of Northumberland in Lincoln, work is set to begin on finding the remains of an old Roman settlement in the village of Navenby. Roman towns are scattered all around Britain, and excavations such as this one allow us to learn how people lived back during Roman occupation of Britain. This is not the first time digs have been conducted near Navenby, but it will be interesting to see what this most recent search will uncover.

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